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The founder and Operating broker of Joseph Dean Klatt Realty, Inc. is Dr. Joseph Dean Klatt. He began his Real Estate career in 1972 at 8 Arcade Bldg., La Jolla with James M. Becker Realty, Inc. Joseph Dean Klatt joined the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association, Inc. in 1972 and has been a continuous member of the prestigious La Jolla multiple listing service (REBA) ever since.

He served as its President and Chairman of the Board in 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005. His corporate and personal achievements stand alone in the La Jolla Real Estate professional community. A partial chronological list is provided below as well as the positions held in the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association (REBA)

At the request of the Internal Revenue Service, Dr. Klatt prepared and conducted an Internal Revenue Service Western Regional Training Seminar for I.R.S. agents from the Western United States.

Dr. Klatt has been a guest speaker numerous times at out of area multiple listing services and Boards of Realtors.

The Klatts make it into the society pages in The Voice of San Diego article Society Whispers: Salk Institute Hosts Musical Evening Under a Starry Sky By MARGO SCHWAB

The following story was published in the La Jolla Light – What downturn? – Staying above it all – Million-dollar By Dave Schwab

Dr. Joseph Dean Klatt License #04284287

The Man

by Joseph Dean Klatt PhD

I was driving a 1955 Oldsmobile when the left front tire blew out and the car careened over a cliff crashing 150 feet below. My face hit the metal dashboard of the ’55 Oldsmobile. I broke my jaw, nose, my facial bone structure and my optic globes burst. My left leg was ripped open and was bleeding profusely. Spinal fluid was leaking through my nose. My rescuer found me several hours later. In the Emergency Room the Doctors infused 3 pints of blood. The Doctors did not expect me to live another 24 hours. Their prognosis was that if by some miracle I did live, I would be a paraplegic or a quadriplegic and at a minimum a vegetable because of the severe loss of spinal fluid. My family and friends maintained a prayer vigil for my recovery. At least one of them was in the hospital waiting room 24 hours a day. Miraculously without medical intervention the lesions from which my spinal fluid was leaking healed. While I was still unconscious, the Doctors operated many times. Among other things, they performed a tracheotomy, nose, cheek and facial reconstruction surgeries, a gastrostomy and wired my jaw shut. Twenty-four days later they released me from the hospital. I returned multiple times for follow-up operations but I am far from being a vegetable. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. I have a family, I own my own company, I have earned multiple college degrees, I have lost my eyesight only and I walk with a Seeing Eye dog. My accident happened in 1967. My greatest success is my life each and every day since I was blinded.

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