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Deal Maker

Deal Maker: Lessons From the Blind Master Negotiator

by Phd Joseph Dean Klatt, Mba Michael M. Forbes

This is a book of negotiation stories that apply techniques Dr. Klatt has learned since 1972, the year he began his career as a professional real estate licensee negotiator. They are techniques that were learned in the School of Hard Knocks, the best learning place of all. This book is not intended to be a complete presentation of all areas of negotiation, negotiation practice, or negotiation theory. It is intentionally short on theory and long on stories. It is so much easier (and more fun) to remember stories than theory, and if you remember the story you will be able to work back to the theory. It is a book written for real estate agents, law students, attorneys, mediators, and anyone else for whom negotiations are central to their career. In a sense, this means that this book has been written for us all. For we are all professional negotiators.

Dr. Klatt was a strapping San Diego City lifeguard, excellent athlete, competitive surfer, ambidextrous tennis player, and drag racing champion before an accident robbed him of his sight. That was an event that could have broken the spirit of lesser men. Instead, Dr. Klatt turned his physical short-coming into a vector for professional excellence.

He went on to sell a portfolio of property that has a present collective value that is easily worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and he did it all without ever laying sight upon one single inch of the property that he sold.

This book is his method.

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Freedom Found

Freedom Found: 7 Seeing Eye Miracles

by Joseph Dean Klatt Phd

FREEDOM FOUND tells of one man's struggle in his search for independence, for the freedom to be all that he could be, to reach the unreachable star. FREEDOM FOUND tells the story of the author's achieving independence with dignity with each of his 7 Seeing Eye dogs. This is a book about a man who dares to run headlong in the wind out where only dreams have been with is courageous Seeing Eye dogs.

In this book, the reader will also meet Morris Frank, one of the Founders of The Seeing Eye, Inc. and the Seeing Eye trainers, all of whom demonstrate the highest professional excellence and do so with elan and good humor.

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